Talk Radio

talkradioposterTalk Radio
by Eric Bogosian
Nov. 22nd – Dec. 3rd, 1995
Factory Studio Cafe
125 Bathurst St.

Night Talk with Barry Champlain

Welcome to Cleveland and the night before “Night Talk” – with controversial host Barry Champlain – is to go into national syndication. The new sponsors of the show have come to the studio to observe what really goes on behind the scenes where calls include sports enthusiasts, environmental activists, lonely housewives, and pregnant teens.

Tonight’s show is to allow Cleveland to call in about anything, but things get complicated when we get the feeling that Barry is being played for a fool and that neither he nor the producers are in charge of the show.

Talk Radio explores how the public builds up its heroes and then delightfully picks them apart when they have no more use for them.

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