A Tale of Two Cities

taleposterA Tale of Two Cities 
by Charles Dickens
(adapted by Chris Coculuzzi)
Dec. 2nd – 19th, 1998
The Lab, 8 Britain St.

It was the best of times, 
it was the worst of times.

The classic tale of redemption and resurrection as told through the immortal words of Charles Dickens. Dickens brilliantly intertwines the lives of a doctor and his daughter, a French Aristocrat, an old bank clerk, a grave robber, an advocate, a spy, and the owner’s of a wine-shop in the rue Saint Antoine through a commonly-shared dark secret and places the story against the background of the French Revolution. Come and see Upstart Crow’s bold new adaptation of A Tale of Two Cities presented in the narrative style to respect Dickens’ mastery of language and wit.

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