Shakespeare’s Comic Olympics

scoShakespeare’s Comic Olympics
Chris Coculuzzi, Greg Corkum, Seamus Dudley, Stephen Flett, David Howse, Rob McKee, Nathan Shrubsole, and William Shakespeare
2004 Toronto Fringe Festival
June 30th – July 11th, 2004
Trinity College Field
Bedford/Bloor West (behind Varsity Stadium)

“Now Hercules, be thy speed young man!”

About the Play
Swifter. Higher. Stronger. Funnier! Another four summers have passed and with it come the age-old Games known for it’s athletic achievements, dedication, perseverance, and…urinating into little cups. As the comically-charged competition hurdles forward, teams from Greece, England, France, and Italy showcase their top athletes in such standard events as Love Letter Relay, Infidelity Aquatics, Shooting Love Riddles, Cross Dressage, and the crowd favourite Clown Decathlon, all culminating in the always physically demanding Marital Marathon. Add to the mix such demonstration sports as Bear Baiting and Rodeo Shrew Taming and the Slapstick Shenanigans erupt with more hilarity than you can shake a Shtick at!

Upstart Crow Sports Network (UCSN) proudly brings you Shakespeare’s Comic Olympics, a clever hybrid of improvised sporting play and spectacle theatre transforming Shakespeare’s Comedies and Romances into Olympic events. Ben Jonson and Jack Falstaff provide all the play-by-play colour commentary with interviews and updates from that on-the-track historian/reporter Raphael Holinshed, as Olympic athletes overcome incredible obstacles and comic feats of timing in their quest for that coveted Ring Finger Gold!

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