Shakespeare’s NHL

snhlShakespeare’s NHL (National History League)
Chris Coculuzzi, Matt Toner, and William Shakespeare
2005 Toronto Fringe Festival
July 6th – 17th, 2005
Central Tech Parking Lot
Borden/Bloor West

“If all the year were playing at hockey,
To sport, would be as tedious as to work.”

About the Play
Hockey is in crisis. Commissioner Wolsey and Players’ Association Director Buckingham are at loggerheads over a new Collective Bargaining Agreement and it looks like a first ever locked-out season for the EHA (Elizabethan Hockey Association). With empty airplay to fill, a sports network journeys back in time through a series of flashbacks to replay historic matches from hockey’s Golden Years in an era before million-pound contracts – in other words, before they wore helmets – back to the Original Six, with Richard’s Rangers, Bolingbroke’s Bruins, Hotspur’s Black Hawks, Glendower’s Red Wings and Monmouth’s Maple Leafs battling for the right to take on the formidable French Habs!

Upstart Crow Sports Network (UCSN) proudly brings you Shakespeare’s NHL (National History League), a clever hybrid of improvised sporting play and spectacle theatre transforming Shakespeare’s remaining History plays into Old-Time Hockey. John Fletcher and Jack Falstaff provide all the play-by-play colour commentary with interviews and updates from that rinkside historian/reporter Raphael Holinshed, as hockey’s Historical Heroes faceoff for Lord Stanley’s impressive Cup!

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